Here you will find the «Sirius A» Trust that explain how to create an International Criminal Court, the superior court of THE HAYGE in each state, with a military corps to proceed for the arrestation.

The «Sirius A» Trust explain how to finance this humanitarian project with the Gold Treaty, and with the ZIDERA treaty rely to the 2008-2009 —» 100 Trillion treasury note of Zimbabwe. The description of the ZIDERA treaty is created by the noble secret society of Black Panther, in Africa, and it has to be used for the establishment of peace on earth foundations. The Canada has to be the first country to start this peace treaty. It’s important to know that we have a straight connection with this secret society in Africa, to establish a National Central Bank in each country of Africa, to respect their sovereignty.

The knowledge found in the «Sirius A» Trust is the same wisdom found in each noble secret society around the world. This knowledge is from the Galactic Level (universe). We defined the knowledge that bring a human beings to be immortal (school teaching and genetic). This Trust, this knowledge, produce harmony around the world:

  • Black Panther (Africa)
  • Free Maçon (Illuminatis Gnostic)
  • Templar,
  • Kung Fu (Asia = China),
  • Taoiste (Asia = China),
  • Druze (Arabe country)
  • Etc.

This is the section of my police rapport where i describe the International Criminal Code that protect all Peaces Treaties. How the judgments (jurisprudence) found in the Supreme Court of Canada defined this International Criminal Code to be the suprême foundation of all commercial code. This section explain that the International Criminal Code is the only Code that defined the fundamental rights of a human being. This code determine how to define a constitutional (de jury) law and what’s an unconstitutional (illegal = De Facto) law that describe an Treason Acte of War:

This is the police report that explain how to apply the International Criminal Code in the case of Jean Marc Paquin (in french) in Quebec (Canada):

Rock Larochelle
Policier du droit pénal (criminel) international
Télépathe (remote viewer) pour tous les corps militaires
Matricule #11246
Policier non assigné à la Sûreté du Québec